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Order of Battle

The order of battle for this campaign changed over time.  As troops were moved to attend to the various other actions going on while the Cumberland Gap Campaign played out, it is difficult to list a definitive list.  Below is an approximate Order of Battle for the 1862 Cumberland Gap Campaign for May of 1862 when the forces were as fixed as they every would be.


Army of the Ohio
Major General Don Carlos Buell

Seventh Division
Brig. Gen. George W. Morgan

24th Brigade
Brig. Gen. Samuel P. Carter
49th Indiana-Lt. Col. James Keigwin
7th Kentucky-Col. T.T.Garrard
1st Tennessee- Col. Robert K. Byrd
2nd Tennessee- Col. James P.T. Carter

25th Brigade
Brig. Gen. James G. Spears
3rd Tennessee- Col. Leonidas C. Houk
4th Tennessee- Col. Robert Johnson
5th Tennessee- Col. James T. Shelly
6th Tennessee- Col. Joseph A. Cooper

26th Brigade
Col. John F. DeCourcy
22nd Kentucky- Col. Daniel W. Lindsey
16th Ohio- Lt. Col. George W. Bailey
42nd Ohio- Col. Lionel A. Sheldon

27th Brigade
Brig. Gen. Absalom Baird
33rd Indiana- Col. John Coburn
14th Kentucky- Col. John Cochran
19th Kentucky- Col. William J. Landrum

Capt. Jacob T. Foster
7th Michigan- Capt. Charles H. Lamphere
9th Ohio- Lt. Leonard P. Barrows
1st Wisconsin- Lt. John D. Anderson
Siege Battery(1st Wisconsin) – Lt. Daniel Webster

Kentucky Battion-Lt. Col. Reuben Munday

Kentucky Engineers
Capt. William F. Patterson


Department of East Tennessee
Major General E. Kirby Smith

Brig. Gen. D. LEADBETTER commanding.
43d Georgia, Col. S. Harris.
Capt. J. R. Holmes’ company.
Battalion Alabama Cavalry, Maj. W.N. Estes.
1st Florida Cavalry, Col. W. G. M. Davis.
1st Georgia Cavalry (detachment), Maj. A. R. Harper.
Capt. Burton Lenty’s company cavalry.
McBride’s company cavalry.
Jackson Artillery (Ga.), Capt. G. A. Dare.
Lookout Artillery (Tenn.), Capt. R. L. Barry.
Mabry Artillery (Tenn.), Capt. W. C. Kain.
Lieut. G. R. Margrave, Sappers and Miners.
Starnes’ Regiment Tennessee Cavalry.

Brig. Gen. C. L. STEVENSON commanding.
30th Alabama, Col. C. M. Shelley.
3d Georgia Battalion, Lieut. Col. M.A. Stovall.
42d Georgia, Col. R. J. Henderson.
29th North Carolina, Col. R. B. Vance.
4th Tennessee, Col. J. A. McMurry.
11th Tennessee, Col. J. E. Rains.
36th Tennessee, Col. R. J. Morgan.
Cooke’s Tennessee infantry (Companies A and F), Capts. Giesler and Prophet.
Capt. R. J. Mileham’s company Virginia infantry.
3d Battalion Tennessee Cavalry, Lieut. Col. J. E. Carter.
Eufaula Light Artillery (Ala.), Capt. John W. Clark.
Rhett Artillery (Tenn.), Capt. W. H. Burroughs.
Yeiser’s battery (Ga.), Capt. John G. Yeiser.

Col. A. W. REYNOLDS commanding.
39th Georgia, Col. J. T. McConnell.
Col. Jesse A. Glenn’s Georgia infantry.
3d Maryland Battery, Capt. H.B. Latrobe.

Col. BEN. ALLSTON commanding.
1st Tennessee Cavalry, Col. H. M. Ashby.
2d Tennessee Cavalry, Col. J. B. McLin.

Brig. Gen. S. M. BARTON commanding.
20th Alabama, Col I. W. Garrett.
23d Alabama, Col. F. K. Beck.
9th Georgia Battalion, Maj. Jos. T. Smith.
40th Georgia, Col. Abda Johnson.
52d Georgia, Col. Weir Boyd.
3d Tennessee, Col. John C. Vaughn.
Anderson’s artillery (Va.), Capt. J. W. Anderson.

31st Alabama, Col. D. R. Hundley.
39th North Carolina, Col. David Coleman.
31st Tennessee, Col. W. M. Bradford.
43d Tennessee, Col..I.W. Gillespie.
[59th] Tennessee, Col. J. B. Cooke.
Capt. A. A. Blair’s company (Tennessee).
Capt. B. F. Brittain’s company (Tennessee).
Capt. Wm. Lyon’s company (Tennessee).
1st Georgia Cavalry(detachment), Col. J. J. Morrison.
3d BattalionTennesseeCavalry(one company), Capt. W. S. Greer.